Zoom ED253 Introduction

To the Students of ED253 School and Society,

I hope you are healthy and happy and adjusting to the new normal. ED253 is moving to an online virtual classroom hosted by Zoom. Our class will meet online during our regularly scheduled times, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 until 1:45. 

Zoom classroom link | ED253 Fall 2020 Zoom Virtual Classroom

ED253 Schedule & Format | The course schedule and calendar will remain the same and the format will not change! Whether it is a learning experience, service update or current connections, if you are scheduled to lead a learning experience, plan with your LC to do so!

Meetings with Shutkin & Office Hours | To support your learning, I am available to meet with your LC or with you individually by phone or by Zoom.  Please reach out! This is especially important for Tuesday learning experiences. (I know that we did not have the regularly scheduled overview for next week’s reading and topic).

Overview Reading | The overview for next week’s reading is available and I encourage everyone to visit the two links either here or through the course calendar to prepare for class on Tuesday.

Spring, Joel 2013. Chapter 2: Native Americans: Deculturalization. Schooling, and Globalization. New York: McGraw Hill.pp. 21-40.

Zoom Resources | Zoom is a robust video conferencing application. You will need to download the application and will be instructed to do so when you first follow the link to our virtual Zoom classroom. It is a small file and the download time is minimal. Below are a few links to help you get started. While it is possible to join the virtual classroom via smart phone, I recommend using a computer with audio and video capabilities.

Planning a Learning Experience | When you are planning learning experiences please know that we will be able to divide up into small groups (breakout groups).  As well, if you are teaching or facilitating a small group, you will be able to move from group to group. In advance of class, please inform me of your lesson plans so I can support you before class and/or while we meet online.

If your LC has developed a few Google slides or a Kahoot or any other web based file or interactive, you will be able to share this with the whole class from your computer.  (Still, I can make links to Google slides or other tools you are using by linking them to our class website). As well, we will use a ED253 shared Google Doc as a whiteboard so that each breakout/small group will be able to record and share notes and ideas.

The Zoom chat tool is robust.  If you are leading a discussion and need technical support, you can send me a private text using the Zoom chat function and I will do what I can to help. (Of course, I am relatively new to this environment so I am on something of a learning curve as well).

All good things,

Dr. Shutkin