Written Expression Core Competency

Please review your ED253 WebLog. It is with the final draft of your History of the Present essay that you will demonstrate your competency in written expression for the Core. Though it has NO EFFECT on your grade, completion of this task is required to earn credit in ED253.

Written Expression in the Integrative Core

In foundational writing courses, students gain knowledge of the expectations of academic writing, including the discovery and revision components of the writing process, and other principles of coherent and persuasive writing. These courses focus on the development of fundamental writing skills not tied to any particular discipline.

To Demonstrate Competency in Written Expression follow this link to:

Written Expression Outcomes & Assessment Rubric

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The address for this web page | https://dshutkin253.wordpress.com/written-expression-core-competency/

Foundational Competencies: Written Expression

Communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression

  1. Articulate an argument (Select and develop a manageable topic, given audience, purpose, and length requirements; and develop and support an argument appropriate to context, audience, and purpose)
  2. Integrate sources (locate, engage with, and integrate textual sources)
  3. Document sources ethically (formulate citations and avoid plagiarism)
  4. Control surface features of writing (use language that generally conveys meaning to readers with clarity, although writing may include some errors.)