On this page are listed resources to support the study of Educational Foundations.  Please suggest resources for inclusions.

Ohio Department of Education Community Service-Learning | ODE’s Community Service Learning (CSL) Program helps schools plan creative classroom projects that take place in community service environments. Ohio’s academic content standards lay the foundation for community service learning by teaching students to apply creativity, leadership, problem-solving and subject knowledge they gain in the classroom to community needs and problems.

 How To Talk About Privilege To Someone Who Doesn’t Know What That Is | When we focus on the actions we can take, the steps toward liberation we can take together, we make this conversation one that is not only accessible but far more powerful.

9 WAYS YOU CAN USE YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE FOR GOOD | For as long as people of color have had the right to vote in America, some people in power have used techniques like gerrymanderingvoter intimidation, and voter disenfranchisement laws to minimize the number of minority voters. Amazingly, many of these practices persist today…