The Profession of Teaching, Silent Viewing, Post-It Notes & Gallery Walk

  • Big Paper: Building a Silent Conversation | Students have a written conversation with peers and use silence as a tool to explore the topic. Students Comment on each video’s Big Paper
    • Students have a silent conversation in writing with their learning communities
    • Each student has a pad of post-it notes.
    • Each video is assigned to a Big Paper and
    • Videos are viewed in silence.
    • After (and during) viewing, students write on post-it notes to respond in silence to set questions and/or to questions and comments previously posted by peers from their own LC or those posted by a previous LC. Responses can be statements and/or questions. (See questions listed below in section, Close Viewing Protocol).
    •  Post-it notes are placed on the Big Paper in proximity to related post-it notes already on the Big Paper.
  • Close Viewing Protocol | Students watch each video and briefly respond to the following questions on the post-it notes provided:
    1. What do you already know about the topic? How might your prior knowledge of the topic change how you experience the video?
    2. Is the purpose of this film to teach, persuade, manipulate, or something else?How well is it doing this?
    3. Who or what is left out of the message?
    4. Whose interests are served by telling/showing the message in this particular way?
    5. What other questions or comments do you have?
  • Gallery Walk | Still working in silence, students leave their groups to explore, question and/or comment on the Big Papers of their choosing.
  • Debrief as a Class |Please share your summative or concluding thoughts?

The Videos

1.HQT — Ohio Webinar (first 4 min.).

Highly Qualified Teachers — Ohio Webinar, (first 4 minutes are relevant).