Systems Thinking | School Failure

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What does it mean to think systemically?

 (How many systemic variables are contributing to school failure can you find from the article?)

  • Racial discrimination
  • Poverty
  • Social isolation
  • Geographically distanced from jobs, stores, libraries, hospitals,…
  • Limited transportation options
  • Low paying jobs
  • Work intensification (more than one job, long and/or wrong hours)
  • Inadequate school facility
  • Less qualified/experienced teachers
  • Limited School-Home understanding
  • Parental frustration and Fatigue

ReadingDunn-Kenney, M. (2010). Can Service Learning Reinforce Social and Cultural Bias? Exploring a Popular Model of Family Involvement for Early Childhood Teacher Candidates. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education31(1), 37-48.