SP19 Week Six Agenda

Week Six 18 February – 22 February: Testing and Accountability



Koretz, D. (2017). The testing charade: pretending to make schools better. Chapter 7, Test Prep. pp. 93-118. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press.


SP19 Week Six Agenda


Noteworthy & Current Events

  • Reading for next week: Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept of education. In A. S. Canestrari & B. A. Marlowe (Eds.), Education foundations: An anthology of critical readings (3rd ed., pp. 103-115). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.                                
  • LCI 26 February Learning Experiences concerning Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept.
  • Assignment Due 26 February and BlogPost Discussion concerning Koretz, D. (2017). The testing charade| LCII, LCIII, LCIV                 
  • LCII: 28 February Seminar concerning Meyer, E. (2007).  “But I’m Not Gay” learning experiences & lesson planning

LCI: Seminar concerning Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept learning experiences & lesson planning

Overview concerning next week’s readings and themes | Paulo Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept