SP19 Week Eight Agenda

Week Eight 11 March – 15 March: Gender Identity


Meyer, E. (2007).  “But I’m Not Gay”: What Straight Teachers Need to Know about Queer Theory. In N. Rodriguez & W. Pinar (Eds.), Queering Straight Teachers: Discourse and Identity in Education. (pp. 15-32). New York, NY: Peter Lang.


  • Noteworthy & Current Events
    • Reading for week 9, Tuesday 19 March:  Fraser, J. (2014). Chapter 8: The Progressive Era, 1890-1950. The School in the United States. New York: Routledge. pp. 204-241.
    • Assignment Due 28 March:  Present Literature Review 
  • Assignment Due and BlogPost Discussion concerning Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept| LCI, LCIII, LCIV
    • BlogPost Chalk Talk: 3-2-1 concerning Freire and the Banking Method
      • Three things you learned.
      • Two questions you still have.
      • One aspect of the learning experience you enjoyed.