Small Group Discussion Education and Equality of Opportunity


  • In your small group, each member is assigned to one of four sections (1-4) as indicated below;

  • Please locate your quote indicated by the words included in the “…” with page number and paragraph location guides;

  • Carefully read the quote and use context cues to establish your understanding of its meaning and significance in the section;

  • Taking turns, share and discuss your quote within your small group.

1. Schools and Equality of Opportunity

“Faced with… shoulders of the individual.” p. 68 (middle of initial partial paragraph).

2. High Stakes Testing

“In a society … possible?” p. 73 (second paragraph)

3. Income Inequality

“Wealth inequality… low skilled workers.” p. 79 (first paragraph)

4. Social Reproduction

The differences in child-rearing… inner city neighborhoods.” (p. 86 first paragraph)