Service Reflection & Analysis

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.

—Aboriginal activist saying, attributed to Lilla Watson

ED253 includes mandatory service to the greater Cleveland community.  Throughout the semester, you will engage in some type of weekly educational service of your choosing. ED253 service placements are coordinated through the Center for Service and Social Action (CSSA).

The goal for the service learning experience is to synthesize your service experiences with our studies of foundational issues in the field of education. To realize this goal:

A. Write an essay addressing each of the four queries included below.

B. Present to class on three occasions with your LC.

(Both parts are described in detail below)

Assignment Due on Friday 27 March 2020 at midnight. 

Throughout the semester, we will engage in many small group discussions, essay writing and a variety other types of learning experiences, as well.  While I will lead many discussions, so you will have opportunities to design and lead discussions too. One of these regular discussions will focus on our service to the greater Cleveland community.

The ED253 class is divided into four (4) learning communities responsible in turns for engaging the whole class in overviews and discussions of their service learning experiences. On three (3) occasions across the semester, your LC will take on this responsibility. Your LC will have about thirty minutes (~30 minutes) to discuss your ongoing service experiences and your analyses of that service. The schedule for these service learning discussions can be found under the Service Learning tab of the ED253 course website, among other places.

The goal for the service learning experience is to synthesize your service experiences with our studies of foundational issues in the field of education. To realize this goal:

A. Write an essay bout the intersection of your service learning experience and the foundational topics and issues studied in class.  In that essay, discuss query one, query two and query three and/or query four describe below. (Approximately 1500 words not including cited references).

B. During the designated class period, each LC member will have approximately five (~5) minutes to:

  • Discuss their service site, including the facility, the program and the people; and/or
  • Describe their service learning responsibilities and experiences; and/or
  • Analyze their service learning based on assigned and selected readings in the foundations of education; and
  • Encourage a brief discussion.

Service Reflection & Analysis Assessment Rubrics

Query One |

  1. Part one |prior to your initial visit: 
    1. Research and report what you know about your service site, the service you will be providing and who you will providing your service for.
    2. Discuss and explain why you chose this service placement.
  2. Part two | following your initial visit:
    1. Recall and describe the setting and events and people associated with your service placement.
    2. Describe what you do and your responsibilities at your service placement.

Query Two | What is the purpose or goal of the service activity? For the students? For the school? For society? For you?

Query Three | In terms relevant to the educational foundations issues and topics we have been reading and discussing in class, and with discussion of local sources (news papers, for example) critically assess the local social circumstances contributing to the need for this service at your service location?

Query Four | In terms of its identifiable societal purposes (economic, political, racial, etcetera) identify, describe and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the service being provided. What experiences and sources of information have helped you identify what these are? Analyze what you observed, your experiences and what you have been studying in class that guides your judgement.