SP19 Week Ten Agenda

Week 10 25 March – 29 March: School Choice Agenda


Ravitch, D. (2010) The Death and Life of the Great American School System.Chapter 7 Choice: the story of an idea. pp. 113-148. New York: Basic Books.



  • Noteworthy & Current Events
    • Assignment Due 11 April: Present Proposal
    • Reading for next week: Rosiek, J. and Kathy Kinslow, K. (2016). Resegregation as curriculum: the meaning of the new segregation in U.S. public schools. Chapter 1 Resegregation in Riverton and the Nation. pp. 1-18. New York: Routledge.
    • Present Literature Review
  • LCI: Seminar concerning Rosiek, J. and Kathy Kinslow, K. (2016). Resegregation learning experiences & lesson planning
  • Overview concerning next week’s readings and themes:  KWL | Why Are Schools Still So Segregated?
  • Assignment Due:  Present Literature Review