Maxine Greene | A discussion

With the post-it note in your hand, you have been assigned a chunk or two of Maxine Greene’s Essay, Wide-awakeness and the moral life.

There are two or three people assigned to the same chunk(s).

As well, you have been given a single Google slide labeled with your specific chunk. On that slide, write very brief answers to the following questions:

A. [20 Minutes] Referring only to your assigned chunk(s) of the essay, thoughtfully discuss in writing what Maxine Greene means by

  • being awake? (No more than two sentences).
  • the moral life? (No more than two sentences).

B. Scan your chunk(s) of the text for the following terms. If you find a term, thoughtfully discuss in writing what Maxine Greene means.  (No more than ONE sentence).

  • commitment,
  • awareness
  • consciousness
  • indifference
  • mechanical life
  • the system
  • agency

C. [15 Minutes]Identify someone in class that was assigned a different chunk(s)

  • Working together, discuss your answers to the above questions.
  • And then, discuss how you would respond to the following questions:
    • Why is Greene writing to teachers?
    • How are we to educate our students?
    • What is the meaning of education?

D. [10 Minutes] As a whole class:

  • What does it mean to  be awake?
  • What is the moral life?