Learning Experience (Lx) BlogPost Guide

Learning Experience Blog Post essays are due at midnight on the Friday following your classroom learning experience. (~ 250 words)

Elements to address in your Learning Experience BlogPost in four (4) parts

Following the learning experience (lesson) you taught with your LC, and to earn credit for your work, each LC member writes a first person narrative essay (~250 words).

Part 1 | About the lesson that your LC planned and taught, please discuss

  1. Themes from the reading your LC chose to emphasize in the lesson and why,
  2. Student learning goals or objectives,
  3. Intention to actively involve your students in your lesson,

Part 2 | Self-Reflection

  1. What you learned about the topic
  2. Why the topic matters to you
  3. Your contributions planning the lesson,
  4. Your responsibilities teaching the lesson.

Part 3 | References consulted for the lesson and/or blog post.