ISJ Core Competency

Jesuit Heritage: Issues In Social Justice (ISJ)

Demonstrate an integrative knowledge of the human and natural worlds

  1. Acquire knowledge about the human experience. Included herein may be how the natural world has shaped the human experience, particularly as it applies to issues of social justice.*

Develop habits of critical analysis and aesthetic appreciation

  1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze multiple forms of expression such as oral, written, digital, or visual.*
  2. Demonstrate the ability to think critically about a real-world problem or intellectual question (critical thinking includes identifying and describing the fundamental elements of a problem/question, and the ability to interpret relevant data).*

Understand and promote social justice

    1. Communicate understanding of and respect for differences between individuals and across cultures.
    2. Understand the historical/structural conditions that have given rise to injustice.
    3. Recognize an injustice and articulates the consequence of that injustice.

ISJ Outcomes & Assessment Rubric

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