Learning Experience Fall 2020

Throughout the semester, we will engage in many small group discussions and a variety other types of learning experiences.  While I will lead many, so you will have opportunities to design and lead experiences as well.

The ED253 class is divided into four (4) learning circles (LCs) responsible for planning and engaging the whole class in three (3) learning experiences (~30 minutes) based on the assigned reading(s) for that week. Assigned readings are posted on the course calendar: Click on Calendar & Agendas

Prior to leading their first learning Experience, each LC is required to meet with Dr. Shutkin outside of class for approximately one (1) hour.

Readings will be assigned from the selection of the eReadings. The Schedule for these learning experiences is available under the Learning Communities tab on the ED253 Course website.

Assignment due dates vary by learning circle.  However, Learning Experience BlogPost discussions are due at midnight on the Friday following classroom learning experiences. (~ 750 words)

Your contribution to the development and staging of your class learning experiences will be assessed using the Learning Experience Assessment Rubric.  Responsibilities include your:

Your contribution to the development and staging of your class learning experiences will be assessed using the following rubrics. Responsibilities for the Learning Experience include your:

  1. Demonstrated understanding of assigned reading(s);
  2. Participation in a seminar meeting with me (Dr. Shutkin) in advance of the class learning experience;
  3. Participation in the planning of the class learning experiences;
  4. Participation in the teaching of the class learning experiences;
  5. Authoring and posting a Learning Experience summary to your WebLog (~ 750 words)

Lx BlogPost –> Summarize the learning experiences to include discussions of:

  1. Following the class learning experience, each LC member writes a brief essay about the week’s assigned reading.
    1. Place emphasis on demonstrating your understanding of the assigned reading.  Discuss and analyze:
      • What the reading was about,
      • How it is developed, and
      • It’s point of view.
      • What your LC chose to emphasize and why;
    2. Also discuss:
      • The design of the learning experience (include links to shared material such as a Google Slide);
      • Your contributions to the design of the learning experience;
      • Your responsibilities during the learning experience; and
      • References consulted for the learning experience.

Designing & Leading Learning Experiences

Below please find links to a range of websites with pedagogical ideas and tools to consider as you design and plan your learning experiences.