F18 Week 8 Agenda

Week Eight | Critical Pedagogy


Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept of education. In A. S. Canestrari & B. A. Marlowe (Eds.), Education foundations: An anthology of critical readings (3rd ed., pp. 103-115). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Tuesday | 16 October

Noteworthy & Current Events

Week 9 (next week), I will be out of town to give a talk. Learning experience for week 9 forthcoming this Thursday: 

BlogPost Discussion

Concerning last week’s learning experiences | Equality of Educational Opportunity II | Race, Class, Gender, Special Needs & Diversity

LCII Learning Experience

Concerning Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept of education.

Thursday | 18 October

Noteworthy & Current Events

Learning Communities 

LCI Seminar concerning Week Ten’s  reading & lesson planning :  Spring (2018) 7 Multicultural and Multilingual Education & Ladson-Billings (2016/1995). The case for culturally relevant pedagogy.

Discussion / Overview concerning next week’s readings and themes

Discussion 1 overview concerning Week 9 readings and themes:

Week Nine | Service Learning BlogPost Prompt (While I am away)

Discussion 2 overview concerning Week Ten’s readings and themes: