F18 Week 7 Agenda

Week Seven | Equality of Educational Opportunity II


Spring, Joel (2016) American Education. 5 Equality of Educational Opportunity: Race, Gender, and Special Needs (122-147)

Spring, Joel (2016) American Education. 6 Student Diversity (148-178)

Tuesday | 9 October

Noteworthy & Current Events

BlogPost Discussion 

LCIV Learning Experience Equality of Educational Opportunity II | Race, Class, Gender, Special Needs & Diversity

Thursday | 11 October

Noteworthy & Current Events

Learning Communities | LCII Seminar concerning next Tuesday’s reading & lesson planning: Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept of education.

Discussion / Overview concerning next week’s readings and themes: Freire, P. (2013/1972). The banking concept of education.