F18 Week 5 Agenda

Week Five | Education & Equality of Opportunity I


Spring, Joel (2018) American Education. 3 Education & Equality of Opportunity (69-92)

Spring, Joel (2018) American Education. 4 The Economic Goals of Schooling: Human Capital, Global Economy, and Preschool (93-121)

Tuesday | 25 September

  • Noteworthy & Current Events
    • Questioning Experience & Making the Familiar Strange
  • BlogPost Discussion concerning LCI  Learning Experience &  John Dewey’s Pedagogic creed.
  • LCII Learning Experience concerning this week’s Education & Equality of Opportunity I

Thursday |27 September

Noteworthy & Current Events

Current Events and/or Service Learning

Learning Communities: LCIII Seminar concerning next Tuesday’s reading & lesson planning: Greene (2018/1978). Wide-awakeness and the moral life.

Discussion / Overview concerning Maxine Green, the moral life and being Wide-awake p. 220

[I invite students to read this excerpt out loud; for one student to begin and for the next student to start after a few words or a sentence, maybe two.  I invite the current reader to yield to the next reader and for the process to continue until the end of the excerpt.]