F18 Week 12 Agenda

Week Twelve |Educational Power & Control


  • Spring, Joel (2018) 8 Local Control, Choice, Charter Schools, and Home Schooling (219-249)
  • Spring, Joel (2018) 9 Power and Control at State and National Levels (250-271)

Tuesday | 13 November

Noteworthy & Current Events

  • Assignment Due | LC I, II, IV BlogPost Straight Teachers & Queer Theory
  • Assignment Due | Thursday 15 November :  Present Literature Review
  • For Thursday, bring in one significant source from your literature review to discuss.

BlogPost Discussion concerning last week’s learning experiences Straight Teachers & Queer Theory

LCIII Learning Experience concerning this week’s readings and themes

Thursday | 15 November

Noteworthy & Current Events

Tuesday | 20 November Friday Classes meet — ED253 does NOT meet.

Discuss: Blog Post Assignment Due in class Tuesday 20 November (LCs I, II, III, IV)

FYI |Section ED253-51  voted to change the due date for the   Present Proposal  to Thursday 29 November

Assignment Due:  Present Literature Review

ED253 History of the Present Essay Conference  (spaces are filling up quickly)