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Welcome to ED253 Blog Spot & WebLog Assignment

Working in a WordPress blogging environment, produce a weblog (on-line journal) to demonstrate your preparation for class and your engagement with course events including assigned readings, service learning, class discussions and more. Follow this link to a series of WordPress workshops.

Check out each other’s blogs! Everyone appreciates­­­ comments on their blog!

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Sophia AlbericoTori DiVencenzoKayley Kelly
Caitie BerndtsonMorgan GaranAbby Kunkemoeller
Rachel ClarkBilly HardebeckMadelyn Laird
Emma ClausAngela KalinaMichael Lombardo
Georgia BorallyElla Massaro
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Jack MaxwellAudrey PrisbyKatelyn Testa
Chloe MillardLauren SchwartzSadie Morton
Maddy MorrillLexi ShabazzBridget Wazevich
Zachary WalshJulia SkubikOlivia Williams
Morgan O’Brien


You are welcome to develop answers to the following questions as you see fit. To that end, you are welcome to post any one or a combination of the following modalities: video, still images, podcast, text, etc.

  1. What name do you prefer to be called? Do you have preferred pronouns?
  2. Hometown and photograph of you (inserted in your blog so we can learn your name).
  3. Grade level and subject(s) that you want to teach.
  4. What are you into; what makes you special? Share a few “unique” aspects about yourself that would help our classroom community get to know you a bit. Are you on an athletic team? Sing in the choir?  Are you trying out for a play? Painting? What are you planning on doing this semester in your life that is noteworthy?
  5. I want to know what matters to you.  To this end, please share with the class an essay that is essential to your interests. (Include the reference to the essay [chapter, article, website] and a few sentences about its significance to you).

Learning Style and more:

6. Being as specific as you can, what must be in place for you to feel comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a college classroom?

Education Past and Present

7. Share a formative memory from your experiences as a student.
8. Please discuss what are, for you, some significant issues or concernsfacing the field of education right now.

About Dr. Shutkin:
9. Do you have a question or two that you would like to ask me about myself or the class?

Now that you have completed your first blog post, please publish it to the Internet and send the address to me in an email message.  Use the email address you would like me to use to communicate with you this semester.

Thank you and all good things,

Dr. Shutkin