During Reading Learning Experience Guide

Effective During-Reading Comments deeply engage aspects of the reading, stimulate discussion, offer informative questions or comments, and help others by addressing their questions or confusions.


  • Log in to the reading using your JCU email through Google.
  • Highlight the part of the text you are commenting on.
  • Comments are to be about 100 words each / 500 words all together
  • *Starred comment types are required
  • **At least two replies are required.
  • Replies take the form of one of the other types of comments

 Five Comments in all –>

  • One nearer to the beginning,
  • One towards the middle, and
  • One closer to the conclusion.
  • Two additional comments.
  • Two replies to other LC member’s comments.

 Types of Comments –>

  • **Reply to someone else’s comment
  • *Word Definition → with a reference to a dictionary.
  • Interpretation of a few sentences –> This is what I think this means and this why it is important.
  • Lived Experience –> a story from your life in three parts: beginning, middle and end with a direct connection made to the reading.
  • *Implications for → 1). the field of education and/or 2). my work as a teacher.
  • Question → Thoughtfully asked about something you don’t understand.