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(~500 words) Assignment Due in class

Real world experience for students through service to the community is important for many reasons including the need to bring important social services to the community especially where there are recognized gaps in underfunded government programs.

Another reason for service experiences is to enhance the learning, understanding and empathy of students engaging in service. It is assumed by many that through service, students often expand their critical awareness of societal inequalities and further their commitments to taking action in the world to effect real change.

At the same time, scholarship in the area of service learning has demonstrated that these experiences can actually advance the cultural biases of students participating in service. 

1. Please describe several examples of cultural bias discussed by Dunn-Kenney (2010), one of the two readings assigned for this week.

2. Next, recount your own service experiences associated with ED253, including descriptions of the what, where, when, how, and why

3. Consciousness raising occurs through serious self-reflection. This is not always a straightforward and comfortable process.  After taking the time to reflect on and recount your experiences in service, discuss instances where you have witnessed and/or experienced “aha” moments of consciousness raising (your own and/or your peers in service). 

4. As you are becoming more awake to the world through self-reflection, what are you learning about your service, what are you learning about yourself?

(~500 words) Assignment Due in class Tuesday 9 November

Dunn-Kenney, M. (2010). Can Service Learning Reinforce Social and Cultural Bias? Exploring a Popular Model of Family Involvement for Early Childhood Teacher Candidates. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education31(1), 37-48.