For ED253, School and Society, there are three primary assignments including a final course History of the Present essay, an Education Studies WebLog and Learning Experiences.

All assignments are assessed using the university’s 4 point grading scale described in the second table below. Each assignment is weighted relative to the other assignments.  For example, a student earning a 4.0 on the WebLog, with a weighted value of 4 points, will receive 16 grade points.  Whereas, a student earning a 3.0 on the final Present essay, with a weighted value of 5 points, will receive 15 grade points. Your grade is determined by adding up all earned grade points and dividing that number by 17, the total number of weighted points available.

Opportunities for extra credit are associated with bringing in Current Affairs in Education to share with the class.

History of the Present x5 | What could possibly be the significance of the study of educational foundations to teachers responsible for educating our nation’s students?  For the Fall 2018 semester, students in ED253 will research and write a “history of the present” based on their research of a pressing issue germane to the field of education studies.  A history of the present is less concerned with understanding the past than with developing a critical understanding of the present. A history of the present endeavors to achieve this understanding by disclosing the historical, economic, political and/or cultural circumstances through which a current issue has emerged and by identifying those circumstances upon which that issue still depends. Follow this link for more information.  Follow this link for more information.

  • Assignment Due in class
  • Spring 2019 ED253-51 Exam |  –> 8:00-9:50 10 May

Education Studies WebLog x4 | Working in the course Blog Place, produce a weblog (on-line journal) to demonstrate your preparation for class and your engagement with assigned readings and class experiences. Writing in your weblog is a significant means for preparing for class and synthesizing the ideas that feature prominently in ED253. Throughout the course, I invite you to revisit your weblog, to reflect on your blog posts, on what you’ve read, discussed and observed about yourself and the field of education. By constructing a weblog, you will be furthering your reflective and analytical abilities in the context of the field of education. Prompts for your blogposts will be developed by your class peers. Follow this link for more information.

Assignment due weekly

Learning Experiences x4 | Throughout the semester, we will engage in many small group discussions and a variety other types of learning experiences.  While I will lead many, so you will have opportunities to design and lead several experiences as well. The ED253 class is divided into four (4) learning communities responsible for planning and engaging the whole class in two (2) learning experiences (~45 minutes) based on assigned reading(s) for that day.  Follow this link for more information.

Assignment dates vary by learning community.  Please consult this chart

History of the Present Essay Literature Review x2 | Review the literature addressing your topic or problem. Use the review to define and limit your area of interest along with the parameters of your research. Consider comparing and contrasting how it is variously defined across the literature surveyed. Further, discuss how the topic is treated in the literature, i.e. what are the articles about, what are the educational and/or political perspectives of the articles, and so forth. In your literature review, include at least five (5) peer reviewed sources. Follow this link for more information. Follow this link for more information.

Assignment due Thursday 28 March

History of the Present Essay Proposal x2 | A proposal is a thoughtful and detailed plan of your research paper. A successful proposal conveys to your readers that you have anticipated problems and have figured out how to avoid them. For instance, if your paper is to focus on school desegregation in Cuyahoga County, you don’t want to write that you hope to find data by race of pupil. Instead, in a successful proposal, you will be able to inform your readers that you have a source for the data on desegregation by race. Your goal is to convince your readers that your research topic has value and that you can complete it successfully and on time. Follow this link for more information.

Assignment due Thursday 11 April