Agenda for Week Four

Monday | 18 September

Noteworthy: Annual Geller Lecture | Monday, September 18, 2017

ReadingDunn-Kenney, M. (2010). Can Service Learning Reinforce Social and Cultural Bias? Exploring a Popular Model of Family Involvement for Early Childhood Teacher Candidates. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education31(1), 37-48.

Reading for Wednesday 20 SeptemberSpring, Joel (2016) American Education. 3 Education and Equality of Opportunity (66-88).

Assignment Due 2 October Service Essay Annotated Bibliography

Current Affairs in Education

Discussion 1 | Blog Posts from last week

  1. Present Post
  2. Service Post

Discussion 2 | What is the point of service learning in an Education course? Service? Learning?

  1. Overview | of the article
  2. Context of the reading | The conditions of possibility or relating this reading to service learning and the service learning essay |
    1. What does it mean to think systemically?|
      1. Success to the Successful
      2. How many systemic variables contributing to school failure can you find from the article?
    2. Learning to see their own “Whiteness” |
      1. Cracking the Code | A Trip to the Grocery Store —> More information about Cracking the Code | The System of Racial Injustice
      2. Why Talk About Whiteness?
    3. What is the deficit paradigm? and how to think beyond it? (Where is the cultural deficit model mention in our reading.)
      1. Cultural Deficit Perspective
      2. Strength Based Thinking
  3. Individual Reading about Mary, Theresa, and Jamie, an excerpt from Dunn-Kenney, M. (2010, 42-45) | 
  4. Small Group Discussion | Three groups: one for each of the students who “resisted”
  5. Class discussion

Wednesday | 20 September


  • Friday | 22 September Assignment Due: Service BlogPost 
  • Monday | 25 September Assignment Due: Present BlogPost
  • Option to combine PresentPost4 & ServicePost3:  Due 25 September
  • Grade sheet : GPA??? why so low?
  • Thoughts about the Service Learning essay, annotations and proposal
  • Current Affairs in Education |
    • Lots of Extra Credit (Blog+ 1-2) | Bring in an article from a recent publication (within a week of class date) and present and discuss with the class.
    • From now on, to be included, send your article to me by 12:00pm day of class
  • Pushed to next week Monday: Discussion of PresentPosts 3

Reading: Spring, Joel (2016) American Education. 3 Education and Equality of Opportunity (66-88).

Discussion 1  |Service learning & Cultural bias in an Education course? (Continued from Monday)

Discussion 2  | Small group discussion based on Spring, Joel (2016) American Education. 3 Education and Equality of Opportunity (66-88).

Discussion 3  | Current thinking : Equality of Opportunity, Towards a New Pedagogy

A text-walk through a few pages and ideas written by Swadener, Beth Blue (2010)

  1. Those who see nurture… (Spring, 70-71)
  2. During the last century… (Spring, 81-82)
  3. Swadener, Beth Blue (2010)

Resource: Swadener, Beth Blue (2010) “At Risk” or “At Promise”? From Deficit Constructions of the “Other Childhood” to Possibilities for Authentic Alliances with Children and Families. International Critical Childhood Policy Studies, 3(1) 7-29.